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New Phone

I don't really have any cool pictures to post with this entry. This is unfortunate, because I am not a fan of blog entries without pictures. The reason for the lack of pictures is we didn't do a lot this weekend. We managed to knock the "to do" list down from around 120 things to about 60 or so, so that was an accomplishment.

Oh, I did get a new phone. It actually came in the mail today. My contract was up and this one is a pda too. This is a very good thing since my palm pilot has been on the fritz lately and had managed to loose all of my data twice. The last time it reset back to 2004. I gave up on it at that point and started using paper to keep track of things. I *might* give it another chance later on.

Another thing we have been doing a lot of lately is figuring out travel/vacations. We booked our cruise to Alaska on Norwegian Cruise Line. A little extra searching and Gabe found an even better deal on Celebrity. The overall cost is about the same, but the Celebrity cruise was a nicer one (it was 40% off). We haven't cruised on Celebrity before and it was primarily due to the price. So, we booked the Celebrity Alaskan cruise and canceled our Norwegian cruise. This changed our departure port from Seattle to Vancouver. We also managed to find first class tickets to Vancouver using our frequent flier miles. This is a really good thing since the tickets are around $2,300 if we purchased them. Just in case you are wondering, if we had to purchase them we would definitely buy coach!

Dancing with the Stars is back on for the eighth season starting tonight. I wonder how Steve-O managed to snag a shot on the show. Anyway, I am looking forward to the show.

American Idol
is really starting now. The final contestants were chosen and this week, in my opinion, the real competition starts. Danny is my favorite. I must say I am glad that Tatiana is not going to be joining the show this week. Her drama was too much to handle.

Alex is going to the doctor today. It is time for the 4 month shots. I hate the appointments when he has to get his vaccinations. I know they are necessary, so I make Gabe come along to those appointments. While I am thinking about it, I am going to grab the baby Tylenol and throw it in the diaper bag...be right back.

Did you miss me while I was gone? That took a little longer than I expected. In addition to the Tylenol I also took out the trash, did some dishes, replaced the car seat cover that I washed, and cut myself a piece of chocolate cake that I made yesterday. I still need to grab the laundry.

Anyway, I just wish that I could explain to Alex what was going to happen at the doctor's office when he receives the vaccinations. I would feel so much better about the entire situation if he could just understand what is going on.


How did the vaccinations go? Poor buddy. All kidlets go through it though... know that doesn't help much! :)

Your cruise sounds wonderful, when do you go? We have one to Hawaii leaving out of Vancouver in September. I'm also watching AI and DWTS. I agree Danny is very good! Don't have a favourite on Dancing yet though. And I remember the days of having to take my baby's for their shots, I wanted to cry along with them.

Nicole - His little face was so red. He cried/screamed at the top of his lungs for a few minutes and then he calmed down, had a bottle, and fell asleep on the car ride home.

Rosanne - We are going at the end of May. I love Hawaii. We almost went back there instead of Alaska!