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Reality TV

Alex rolled over from tummy to back yesterday. Gabe wasn't home to see it and I couldn't grab the camcorder fast enough to record the event. I did manage to grab my camera. The shots are a progressive roll.

The vaccinations were ok. He screamed his little head off for a few minutes and I don't think I have ever seen his face so red before. I even brought along his favorite toy, but it didn't seem to help. Two more months until we have to go through it all again.

My favorite male celebrity on Dancing With the Stars is Gilles Marini. I think that he and Cheryl did an outstanding job. I think Ty might be going home (unless Jewel's fan base helps him out) and Steve-O wasn't nearly as terrible as I had expected. I am pulling for Steve Wozniak, though I am not sure that he will be around long...I hope he proves me wrong. I did however have a very difficult time focusing on Steve while dancing. Did anyone else feel that Karina needed a little more covering her butt crack other than a tiny string of sequins, or whatever the tiny piece of material was? Maybe she is hoping the more skin she shows, the more votes they will receive. On a side note, I don't really think that it was such a great idea to pair Chuck Wicks with his girlfriend. I think Cheryl has replaced Julianne as my favorite female professional dancer.

My favorite female dancer (based on dancing ability) is Melissa Rycroft with Shawn Johnson right behind. I really like Holly Madison. She isn't the best dancer, but she is still one of my favorites. I really expected Denise Richards to be the next Brooke Burke...I was wrong. Can I cheer for Maks but not Denise?

I now have two favorites on American Idol. Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert. Though I didn't care for Danny's song choice last night, he still did a great job. There isn't much to say about Adam, other than he rocked the house. Gabe said Adam reminded him of David Cook. I was a huge fan of Anoop, but not after last night's performance (he just might be going home). Kris is kind of growing on me. There is something about Lil that I just don't like. I am not sure what it is, but she can sing.

Now I need to send some pictures to Wal-greens to print and then head out to get our free movie rental. If the library is open, I might swing by there...I have a few books ready for pick-up. I need to get all of this finished before American Idol tonight. Actually, I usually let it start and then start watching (we record it) so we can fast forward through all of the commercials.


I wanna see rolling pictures!! ROCK ON ALEX!!! Such a BIG boy!
Have I told you yet how much I want to squeeze him?! :)

He is very lovable. I will try to get the pictures up soon. I actually had plans to put them in this post, but due to time restraints that didn't happen.

I really like Adam and Danny too! Was not sad to see Jasmine and Jorge go last night!

ITA about Danny and Adam. I thought Lil looked terrible! What was she wearing? DH loves Anoop but he just doesn't make great song choices.

I love Melissa on DWTS. I thought Gilles did great but I think his lack of fan base will see him go home. Denise and Holly - wow, what messes! I excited better. Although Holly has much more of an excuse than Denise!

I think that Gilles was great last night. Hopefully he is building up a fan base and will stick around. Heck, I might even vote this year.