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Random Stuff

Laura went back to Peoria on Saturday afternoon. Before leaving, we had lunch at In-N-Out. My friend Tony loves them. You can even order off of their "official" secret menu or their other secret menu.

I finished Eclipse and I have started Breaking Dawn. I think I am on page 12, so I have a bit to read.

I have been working on Christmas presents. As of right now I have three finished and six started. I should have the six completed by the end of the month. The quilt for my grandma is one of the six. I am still working on the binding and I will hopefully finish it in two or three days. I usually work on it while we watch Ugly Betty and American Idol.

I am going to post pictures off all of the Christmas presents I am making after Christmas. I would love to do it as I complete them, but then everyone would know what they are getting for Christmas.