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Painting Soon...Maybe

I don't really have any fun pictures to post. We drove by our house yesterday and they have started the tape and the mud on the drywall. I would have taken a picture, but I didn't have my camera. It really wouldn't have mattered anyway since you can't see that much detail in the pictures. Gabe received an email earlier in the week and they *might* start painting the walls sometime next week. If I thought it would make things go any faster I would offer to help paint.
We watched Don Quixote on Saturday. It was in the form of a ballet. I really enjoyed it. They will be performing the Nutcracker Suite early in December. Hopefully we will be able to make it to one of the performances.
Gabe and I watched Open Water the other night. Basically a couple takes a vacation and goes SCUBA diving. Due to some wonderful counting skills, they end up being left in the shark infested waters. The ending was a huge letdown for me.
I started another cross stitch today. I have worked on it for a few hours and all I have to show for it is a purple blob. It will come together eventually.
Ugly Betty is on tonight! I am excited. We have also been watching Dancing with the Stars. I have been ready for Cloris Leachman to go home since Tuesday. I don't know, she just rubs me the wrong way.


I'm ready for Cloris to go too!

Your house is looking good!

Thanks for leaving comments on my blog, I appreciate it!

Cloris is SO IRRITATING! I'm sure people will vote for her because they think it's funny to watch the senile old lady, but I can't stand it!