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A Few Movies

There hasn't been a whole lot of activity around here other than preparing to move...oh, and laundry. Yesterday Aaron and his sister, Dana, came over for dinner. Gabe grilled hamburgers even though it was storming and hailing outside. We like our grilled food. After dinner we played a little Wii.
I haven't updated our movie watching lately. So here is a list of what we have been watching. We watched Perfume on the plane ride to Arizona. I really wanted to see it mainly because of Alan Rickman. I love his portrayal of Snape in the Harry Potter movies. Back to Perfume. It is the life story of a man that has a very acute sense of smell. So precise that he becomes obsessed with recreating certain scents (especially those of females). I didn't really like it and I wouldn't suggest it, but if it sounds like your type of movie, have fun with it.
Gabe and I watched Committed. It is a comedy starring Heather Graham, Luke Wilson, and Casey Affleck. Heather Graham's character becomes so committed to her broken marriage to Luke Wilson that she blindly follows him across the country. I didn't expect a l lot from this move, but I wasn't disappointed. It wasn't stellar by any means, it is worth a watch if you need a movie to watch.
Gabe and I watched another comedy called Dick. Two girls (Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams) become the dog walkers and advisers to President Nixon. Again, I didn't expect a lot from the movie and it wasn't bad.
While at my parent's house we watched Stardust. I enjoyed the movie. It was a fantasy movie about a guy trying to obtain a falling star for a girl he is trying to marry. From my one line summary it sounds like a corny movie, but there is a lot more to it.
We watched No Reservations a little while back. Catherine Zeta-Jones is a chef that becomes the caregiver to her niece after a tragic car accident. She also is on the border of losing her place as the head chef at a restaurant. In opinion, it was okay, but a little cheesy.
We also watched Idiocracy. Umm...my advice is don't watch it. Luke Wilson plays the average Joe. He is part of an army experiment gone wrong and wakes up 500 years later (instead of 1 year). Society has "bred itself dumb" and Joe finds himself the smartest person alive.
I watched Over Her Dead Body yesterday. It was okay. In this comedy, Eva Longoria plays Kate. She is killed on her wedding day and comes back to stop another woman from marrying her husband.
We have also been watching The Next Food Network Star, I Survived A Japanese Game Show, and Wipeout. Well, actually we haven't watched Wipeout yet but it is recorded just waiting to be watched.