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I hope that everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend. On Tuesday we had a pre-construction meeting for our house. Basically, we verified everything. On Thursday we left to go to my parents for the weekend. The weather was pretty crappy and it ended up taking us over 7 hours to get to their house. Friday we watched the city's fireworks from my brother's front yard. He has a great view. We were going to have a fish fry before the fireworks, but unfortunately someone became very ill and required emergency surgery. As far as I know, they are holding their own. We pretty much spent the time hanging out with family. In the process, we also brought a truckload back of things that we want to take to Arizona with us. We also have our dogs back now. We came back on Sunday morning. Yesterday evening we went grocery shopping...fun, fun. Now I need to start unpacking all of our stuff!


Thanks for the opinion on the granite, I'm still undecided but am leaning towards the lighter two as well. Hope your move goes well.