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The garage still has not been tackled, but the rest of the house looks really good...including the outside. Tuesday the house inspector and termite inspector came over to look at our house. I am pretty sure that everything is fine.
Thursday we were going to the movies, but instead we ended up donating our couches and miscellaneous items to the Goodwill instead of the Chicagoland charity. Aside from poor communication the charity kept pushing back the day that they would be able to pick up the items. They we supposed to pick the items up on Wednesday, then Thursday, then Friday. I told them Friday would be fine, but they needed to get them out of the house by noon Friday (the Realtor was coming over on Friday). On Thursday they called to say that it would be next Wednesday. So, Gabe, Aaron, and I drove the stuff to the Goodwill. It would have been around three weeks after contacting them that they finally managed to pick up the items. We couldn't wait that long, and the way things were going they would have probably pushed the pickup time even later into the week. I dealt with a different contact in the charity this time, it was not nearly as smooth as the first interaction several months ago.
For those of you that don't know, Gabe and I are moving to Arizona. He is being transferred with his job and I think I will learn to appreciate the warm weather. We are in the process of getting things together. We currently have a very packed schedule.
We did manage to watch Semi-Pro on Wednesday. It wasn't as funny as I expected. Will Ferrell has been letting me down lately. I hope that you are all having a great Saturday...hopefully I won't have to work many more after this one!


Have you been looking for a job down in AZ or are you thinking about taking a little time off before and after November?