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An Afternoon Walk

Gabe and I have been doing a lot of things with the house lately. Basically, the house is what we have been doing for the past few days. Thursday Gabe and I went to the movies and watched The Love Guru. It was not as funny as I expected. In my opinion, the humor was a little gross. We finished watching The Legend of Zorro last night. It was okay, but didn't really manage to keep our interest, so we played Life while we watched the movie.
This afternoon we decided to go for a walk. We usually walk in the evenings, but Gabe wanted to go out a little earlier today. The skies were a little overcast, and it had sprinkled a little while Gabe was grilling lunch. We were on our way back and it started sprinkling. Hey, at least it wasn't pouring. Then it started pouring. We both started laughing. Gabe offered to let me hang out under a tree or at the school while he would go to get the car. I told him we were already soaked, we might as well finish our walk. I jumped in the shower when we returned home...all I needed was soap.