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Rain and more Rain

It has been raining quite a bit this morning. The dogs didn't even want to go out. Hopefully it will let up soon.
I made it through my orals class. I felt like I was a student again. I brought my hi-lighters, pen, and pencil. Some of the individuals next to me only brought pens, so I let them borrow my hi-lighters...they said that I was their new favorite person :)
I worked yesterday. Afterwards Gabe and I went to pick up my car from the oil change (they kept my car overnight and changed a spring in the rear of the car). We went to pick it up and it took 40 minutes for them to actually get my car out to us. Once we started driving whenever Gabe would let his foot off of the gas, the back of the car made a really funny noise. It was almost like a flat tire, but my tires weren't flat. So, we headed back to the dealer and service manager came out and drove the car. His response to the noise was "that doesn't sound good". Gee thanks! I could have told him that! I also told him that my car did not make this noise when it was dropped off. He took it back in the service area to take a look. It turns out that the person that put the tire back on my car didn't bother to tighten the lug nuts. Who needs tightened lug nuts anyway? I guess they are only necessary if you don't want your tire to fly off while traveling 65 mph across a highway with 8 lanes. So they fixed it and apologized profusely. Finally, about 3 hours after the start of our journey we had my car back (this was supposed to take 20 minutes). But hey, at least they corrected the problem. Aaron was coming over to our house to grill at 5:00. That didn't happen. We didn't get back with the car until it was almost 7:00 p.m. So, he came over later and then we grilled hamburgers. They were delicious. Afterwards, we watched Sweeney Todd. It was a lot darker than the musical. Well, we are going to head out for the day...I think.