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I was not able to find anyone to work for me on Saturday. So, I hobbled around while seeing patients. My foot was throbbing by the end of my work day. Gabe's parents came up. I worked on cleaning off the desk (I didn't make much progress). We watched Enchanted. It wasn't entirely what I expected. I wouldn't run out to rent it.
Sunday we headed to Ikea for breakfast and then came back home. Gabe and I watched August Rush. It is about a boy that is in search of his family. He can "hear them" through music.
I did find someone to work for me today. I plan on working tomorrow and Wednesday, so I have just been taking it easy and keeping my foot elevated. It is still bruised and I still have issues with the sheet touching it at night. Hopefully my next few days at work won't be too busy...I need my foot to survive.


What did you think of August Rush? That was on my want to see list, whenever I find the time! :)

It is a cute movie. A little predictable at times, but still worth watching.