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What have we been up to lately? We had a wedding in the city on Saturday. Sunday we relaxed and did a little shopping. Nothing too major. We watched an episode of Grey's. I am not entirely sure where we are, but I think that we are about mid-way through the third season at this point.
We have been watching Scrubs the past few weeks since its return from the writer's strike. For some reason it just doesn't do it for me like it use to do. I can't believe that Dr. Kelso quit. What is Dr. Cox going to do?
We watched the new episode of Ugly Betty this week as well. Poor Betty and Henry just can't get a break with Charlie around.
At some point this week I need to clean my car. I also really need to deep clean our house and go through things to see what I want to donate to a shelter. I made a list and it will take me until around June 27. Hopefully it will not take as long as I have planned.