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Business Trip

I am hanging out at home alone. Gabe is away on another business trip. At least he is coming back tomorrow. I am watching the most recent episode of Desperate Housewives. Next, I am going to watch Samantha Who? I will wait to watch Dancing with the Stars and American Idol until Gabe returns. We like to watch those shows together.
Gabe and I watched Chocolat the other night. The story revolves around a lady and her daughter. They move into a small town and mix things up a bit much to the dismay of the mayor. It wasn't bad.


I LOVED Chocolat. I thought it was a great movie. Did you know that Johnny Depp was in Oshkosh last week filming his newest movie? Yeah.. Oshkosh is cool like that!

I saw Chocolat when it came on the free movie channel in college. I didn't have to pay anything to see it yet I still felt like calling whoever made that film and asking for the two hours of my life back.

Jim, you crack me up!