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Battery Trouble

There was some excitement in our life our Tuesday. I drove my car home for lunch and when I went back to start it, it was dead. I called Gabe, explained to him it wasn't an April Fool's prank, and then the office manager had to come to my house and pick me up. Thank you! We were supposed to go to the grocery store for some much needed food, but instead Gabe had to spend the night figuring out what was wrong with my car. It ended up the battery was bad, so he replaced it with a new one. So far, my car has been running great. Because of all of this, we didn't get a chance to watch Dancing with the Stars (we record it). I am a little ticked at yahoo at this point. When I opened up the browser yesterday morning it told me who was kicked off of the show the previous night. Usually it says something like "click here if you want to know who was eliminated." Well, not yesterday, it just listed the eliminated couple. So, I haven't even watched it yet and I know who gets kicked off. Hopefully it won't make watching/critiquing of the dances any less fun. Gabe and I finally made it to the grocery store yesterday! Yeah for food. Then Aaron came over and we all watched American Idol. I just checked yahoo, and they list the person that was eliminated from American Idol last night. What is wrong with these people? They should at least have a link that you click. I am going to start using MSN. At least they have a link on "who go the boot?", so you don't find out unless you want to know. So here is a spoiler, if you haven't had a chance to watch American Idol yet, stop reading. Seriously, if you don't want to know who was eliminated, you should stop right here. Ramiele. She was never one of my favorites (at least I don't think that she was). I think I was most impressed with her auditions. However, I am still waiting on Kristy Lee Cook to get the boot. Oh, and I don't think that Brooke deserved to be in the bottom three. Well, that is about it for now. I need to do some laundry and get ready for a lunch date. I am meeting Beth, a friend from ICO, and her daughter.


I hear you on the Yahoo spoilers! Also, I am so glad that Ramiele is gone, she irritates me. She's a female version of Danny Noriega. Also, Kristy should have been gone the first week she was in the bottom three. It's got to be her turn next!

I didn't like Ramiele either, but Kristy is getting a little better. Still, she will not last much longer. I do think people like Danny too much. He's good for his age, but sings the worst songs...almost as bad as Chikezie.