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A Funny

Ordinarily I have Thursdays off, but the doctor that works on Thursdays was sick again. Guess who worked? I had things planned so I only worked until 2:30 p.m., but it still screws up the day. Oh, well. Now I get to run around today trying to accomplish the rest of my list. Our lives have been pretty boring lately. I get to start my marathon of working soon. The doctor that owns the practice is going to Thailand for two weeks, so I will cover her schedule and mine. At least I will still get Sundays off. Are you wondering where the funny is in all of this?
I know someone who is about 6.5 months pregnant (I am refraining from using her name even though she was okay with it). I will call her O. O was at a ballgame with a friend that has a four year old boy.
Little boy: "O why is your belly so big?"
O: "Why do you think it is so big?"
The little guy just stood there.
Little boy's mom: "Do you think O swallowed a watermelon?"
Little Boy: "No"
O: "There is a baby in there! I am having a baby!"
Little boy, looking up at O: "There is more than one baby in there!"


Cute Story!

My almost 4 year old asks a lot of questions too. Yesterday when we were standing in line at McDonalds, J saw someone with a large tatoo on his arm. He asked, "Why did he draw on his arm with a marker?"

How cute. Kids are so funny.

I was at a coffee shop on Saturday and there was a group of Red Hat women there. They all had their hats on and this one lady had an especially beautiful one with feathers on. A 5-6 year old girl saw her and asked "What's up with the hats?" It was so funny the way she said it... And you know we were all wondering what exactly is up with the hats too! :)