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Segovia (9:38 p.m. 02/27/08)

This morning we took a bus to Segovia. The ride was pleasant and we were able to see a lot of the Spanish countryside. When we arrived in town we walked to Roman Aqueducts. They were huge...a true engineering marvel. The Aqueduct can still carry a stream of water and they were used as recently as the 19th century. Next, we walked through the narrow city streets and went to the cathedral. After that we went to the Alcazar and walked around. We grabbed lunch and looked through some of the little shops. I actually found a pretty good deal on a damascene bracelet (in Madrid it is 3X the amount that I paid in Segovia). Once we came back to Madrid we walked around the city. We listened to several street performers and perused through a few bookstores. We attempted to find an outdoor market, but it is currently closed for renovation. So, we went to a supermarket and picked up a few items for dinner in the hotel room (we are getting tired of eating out). We had some very delicious olives. I want to go back tomorrow and buy some more. We watched a little CNN, an Italian show, and a German show. The German show proved to be the most interesting tonight. It was about uncontrollable kids. They would stay the night in the desert in an attempt to reform them. I make my own commentary (I don't know how to speak German). We are about to start watching Grey's Anatomy.