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I rock!

Gabe and I went to Morton's for dinner on Thursday. I felt like crap, but the food was great. It is not the type of place that I would go every week (too pricey), but every once in a while would be fine. The bread was just ok and so was my appetizer (crab cake). I should probably note that I don't really like seafood. Gabe liked the crab cake and his appetizer (jumbo shrimp). The salads were alright. We both had the filet and it was delicious. We shared the veggies (baked potato and broccoli). For dessert we each had the molten chocolate cake. The best item of the night was by far the steak. So, go for the steak. All of the items at Morton's are a la carte (a baked potato is $8 with steak up to $96) unless there is a special going on. The special will save you about $100 for two people.
Friday I still was not feeling too hot. I went to the library with Aaron and I returned something to Macy's. After that I was worn out and came back home and slept for about four hours until Gabe called and woke me up around 6:00 p.m. The sleep helped me feel a little better. Gabe and I stayed in and watched the back episodes of season seven of Scrubs. Now we will be ready when there are new episodes.
Saturday I was feeling so-so until work. I was completely drained after work and felt about 10 times worse when I left as when I started. So, Saturday night we started watching Grey's Anatomy. We have the first season on DVD.
Today I am feeling a little better. I still tire out pretty easily and I am still congested, but I am slowly getting better. I will be feeling better and then after a day of work I feel like crap again. I have to work tomorrow and Tuesday, but then I have Wednesday off. Hopefully Wednesday will help in my recovery.
On a fun note, we purchased Guitar Hero III. I rock! Well, at least on the easy level. It is a really fun game.