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España (6:54 p.m. 02/21/2008)

We have arrived in Spain. Now just for another short stay at the airport and we will be on our way to Sevilla. There is a LOT of security here...and in London too. In London there were police walking around with semi-automatic machine guns. Three of them went up to a guy that was standing in the line next to us while we were getting our boarding passes for Sevilla. It all seemed to end ok. We have been through security three times so far. Every time that we landed we were filtered through to the unsecured area and thus, we had to pass through security each time. At least the airports are secure...I hope. So far nothing too exciting has happened...other than I am finally in Spain. I am ready for my third flight. Actually, taking three flights in a row hasn't been as bad as I thought that it would be...I am sure that I will not complain when we finally reach the hotel though.


I can't wait till we can send ourselves to other countries "transporter-style" like on Star Trek (thus avoiding all the security issues).