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Córdoba (11:41 p.m. 02/23/2008)

We left at 8:45 a.m. (1:45 a.m. CT) to catch our train to Córdoba. The train ride was really short (less than an hour) and pleasant. Once we arrived, we deposited our luggage in the bus station lockers and started out walking toward the Mezquita. The stroll took us through la juderia, the Jewish Quarter. It has a lot of narrow winding streets with white-washed buildings. We ended up finding finding Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos (Castle of the Christian Kings) first. We paid our admission and wondered through the palace and gardens. We climbed Las Torres for views from the top of the fortress walls. We stopped off for lunch at a sandwich shop. We each had a delicious sandwich with Serrano ham and Manchego cheese. Gabe also ordered us a tapa of olives. We continued our tour of Córdoba by heading to the Mezquita. There, we saw amazing double arches over the red and blue marble columns. There are 850 of these columns. Again, another Arabian Nights feeling. The Mezquita started out a Christian Church, then a Mosque, then a Christian Church again. We started the walk back to the bus station and stopped off at a shoe store that was going out of business...I didn't buy anything. Actually, we haven't bought much on this trip. So far we have purchased three postcards and an oil painting from a street artist (in Sevilla). We continued our journey by taking the 2:00 p.m. train to Granada.


I have a feeling you're going to get tired of churches, mosques, churches... every time we have been on a trip, we are done with churches, temples, and mosques after about two weeks (or less).

There's only so much you can absorb in one trip! Let's see some pictures! :)

I agree. No more cathedrals in Madrid. Now we are going to enjoy parks and art museums...unless we get tired of them, and then we will move on to something else.

I will try to post pictures once I return...unfortunately there is not free internet at this hotel :(
5:29 a.m. 2/25/08