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Airport (5:27 p.m. 02/24/08)

We are currently sitting at the airport in Granada waiting on our flight to Madrid. This morning we went to the Alhambra and walked around. Actually, hiked to the Alhambra is probably a more accurate statement. The 30 minute hike was up a very, very steep hill. We walked around for quite some time before we found the ticket counter (we arrived at the opposite end). The length of the entire grounds is about half a mile. We had to walk the length at least four times before we figured out where we were going. FYI: if no one is taking the "short cut", you probably shouldn't either. The palace was very interesting with very intricate carvings and tile work. We climbed up the Alcazaba and walked around the wall. The walk down the hill and through the town was little more enjoyable than the journey up. We hung out at the Plaza Nueva until we grabbed a taxi and headed to the airport. We had our fingers crossed that by arriving at the airport a few hours early we would be able to take the earlier flight to Madrid. We actually could have if we were willing to pay a change of ticket fee of about $300...per person! We decided to hang out at the airport and watch DVDs. The laptop is on the fritz and doesn't want to play any m movies. So, we are part of the way through The Prestige. Hopefully Gabe can get it working before our trip back home.