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Weekend catchup time. It has been cold lately. When I left for work on Saturday morning it was -4 degrees F. With the wind chill it was around 20 below zero. I know that it may be colder elsewhere, but at some point cold is just cold. After work on Saturday Gabe and I hung out together.
Elsa has been sick lately. She is throwing up, moving slowly, and just not her normal perky self. A week or so ago, when we took Elsa and Clara to get their rabies shots, the vet suggested that we put Elsa on the sensitive stomach Science Diet food. So, we decided that it might help her stomach. At the point Gabe and I decided to venture out to buy the dog food on Saturday night, it was around 25 below zero. Oh the things that we do for Elsa. While we were out we stopped off at Ikea...hey we were already out.
Sunday we watched an episode of Pushing Daisies. The episodes that we are currently watching are from October. They have been recorded for a while and we are finally catching up with the show. We took a nap and it was a HUGE mistake. When it came time for bed I wasn't tired at all, so we went to the store around midnight and bought the supplies to make Tiramisu. Gabe likes it and I haven't made it for a while. So, I came back and at 1:00 a.m. and I made it for him. I finally made it to bed around 2:00 a.m., but I don't think that I actually went to sleep until after 3:00 a.m. So this is why the nap was a huge mistake. At least I didn't keep Gabe up (plus he didn't have to work today).
Today I worked, so Gabe met me near the office and we had lunch at Topa. It was a little pricey for lunch, but it tasted pretty good. Today the weather was a toasty 28 degrees. It feels like a sauna when you have been used to negative temperatures. The dogs appreciate the double digits. When it is really cold you have to carry Elsa to the door. She stops, looks up at you, and then turns around and walks back to the bedroom. She looks at you with an expression that says "you want me to do what, where?" You pretty much have to force her outside and shut the door. It has been pretty cold. Yippee...I get a day off in a couple of days!


Have fun on your day off. :-)