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Monday night Gabe and I went out in the inclement weather to purchase a few storage containers to organize our hallway closet. As you are probably guessing, this was entirely my idea. I did manage to talk him into helping me sort through things. I think that the closet looks great. I should probably post a picture so I can show off my newly organized closet. I have another closet to organize, but it is on the list for tomorrow. I think I just need to throw away a lot of the contents. Anyway, I am on an organization kick and there isn't a room in the house that is safe.
Gabe used half of a vacation day and came home early from work. We went to the store and purchased ingredients to make a chocolate cheesecake. Then we came home and made it. We went to Meson Sabika for dinner (even in the crazy weather) and then came back for cheesecake. I didn't like it (I am not a fan of cheesecake), but Gabe did. We just finished playing Dance, Dance, Revolution. Now we are getting ready to play Wii Big Brain Academy.


The house looks wonderful! Now I just need to organize the garage.