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Mac and Cheese

Thursday evening Gabe, Aaron, and I went to Applebee's. I tried their new mac and cheese...it is not as good as the Hard Rock Cafe's twisted mac and cheese...yummo. We really need to go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago. I haven't been for several years. I am looking forward to enjoying the cheesy goodness in Spain soon.
Friday Gabe and I went to the mall. I don't think that we bought anything. I found some sandals that I liked, but I didn't buy them. I think that it is just too cold right now to get in the sandal purchasing mood. Maybe in a few months.
I worked on Saturday, as always, and afterwards we watched Ocean's 13. It wasn't too bad, but I can't say that I am too excited about an Oceans 14 (if they decide to make one). However, I would probably watch it.
Sunday we purchased some much needed groceries. We also watched Live Free or Die Hard. Parts of the movie were really far fetched, but it wasn't too bad. I made a peach cobbler yesterday. I keep teasing Gabe and tell him that the reason I made the cobbler was to fatten him up so I look thinner when I stand next to him. Of course, I am teasing...I wonder if the theory would work ;)
As far as books go I have finished a couple lately. Ricochet by Sandra Brown is about a lady that claims to have killed someone in self-defense. It was ok, but I am not sure that I will try another Sandra Brown book (it was my first). I also read My Summer of Southern Discomfort by Stephanie Gayle. It was a surprisingly good book. It is about a lawyer from New York that left a high profile law firm to work for the district attorney's office in Macon, Georgia. It is pretty funny as she goes through an adjustment from her big city life to a small community. I am thinking about reading John Grisham's new book. I have read most of his first books. He used to be one of my favorite authors...I guess that he still is.


Don't forget about the Mac & Cheese at Rock Bottom in downtown Chicago. MMMMMMM... THAT is the best Mac & Cheese!!

It is good, but I still like Hard Rock Cafe's twisted mac and cheese the best. We just need to have a mac and cheese party.