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Gabe and I are watching the American Idol season premier. So far we aren't too impressed, but we have managed to laugh a few times. I always feel guilty when I laugh at the individuals that aren't "American Idol" quality. It makes it worse when they actually think that they are great singers. At least they are up there on the stage auditioning.
Sunday Gabe and I went out to dinner at 2Toots. Get your minds out of the gutter...it is a restaurant with a train theme. There is a train that goes around the restaurant and the train brings the food around and stops when it gets to your table. The chicken sandwich was excellent. We actually found the restaurant while walking around downtown in Downer's Grove. We went downtown to look around and decided that we would find dinner while exploring. We relaxed in a cafe a while before heading home. Now we are back to work.


I enjoyed the American Idol show last night, but I don't really love it until we get down to the good singers. That is when I become an addict.

The American Idol premier was entertaining. I like the auditions :-) It always surprises me how grubby some of the people who are auditioning dress...dirty shoes, worn out jeans, wrinkled shirts, etc. The costumes that people wear are strange...I wonder why they do that.

2Toots sounds like a fun place. My 3 year old son would love it!