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TV Shows

Sunday Gabe and I ran a few errands. We finished the sixth season on Scrubs on Monday. I wish that I would have thought ahead and recorded the seventh season (I remembered to do this with the second season of Ugly Betty). I am eager to find out what happens to everyone in the seventh season...it is the last for the doctors at Sacred Heart. Two shows that I like are going to be back with their second seasons next week. I like October Road and Notes from the Underbelly. We watched Dancing with the Stars yesterday (the performances and the results show). This season has been crazy. I can't believe that Jenny was voted off and Marie is still in the running for the championship. I think that I lost interest once Sabrina was voted off. In my opinion, she was the best dancer and should have been in the final. At least she and Brian came back last night for a performance. I think that they did a great job. We are in the car driving to my parent's house. The cell phone internet connection is VERY slow, but at least I have a connection. We need to rake the leaves in our yard. We will probably work on the leaves this weekend. Actually, Gabe will probably do it while I am at work on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will hold out until we get them all raked and bagged.