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We returned on Friday and unpacked a few things, watched Ugly Betty, and October Road. While I was at work on Saturday, Gabe worked on raking and packing the leaves. When I came home I helped him for a while and then we went downtown to the Christkindlmarket. Since 2003 I have been buying an ornament from the market. Gabe has been going with me since 2004. It is a lot of fun, but it was really crowded last night. Usually there aren't that many people there when we go. Gabe had a German Bratwurst. I had a chicken sandwich (I know wild and crazy me). We both shared some potato pancakes and a cherry strudel. We came back, put on our pj's, lit the fire, made hot cocoa, turned on the Christmas music, and put the ornaments on the tree. Our Santa Clause tree topper is missing in action. I think we are going to have to buy another one. I have to put some shoes on, the rest of the leaves are calling for us.