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On Thursday Aaron and I went to the movies to watch Fred Clause. I expected to be laughing out loud. That didn't really happen. I have been disappointed with comedies lately. I guess I have been building them up and then when I see them they just don't meet my expectations.
Friday I worked on wrapping presents. Gabe and I ate at Clara's. They have excellent bread.
Today while I was at work Gabe made space for my car in the garage. I am excited to be able to park in the garage. Now we just have to clean out the other half so we can park his vehicle in the garage too. I finished wrapping all of my Christmas presents today. I have been working on Christmas cards for a couple of days now. I need to print address labels...actually, I should be doing that now. Aaron came over tonight and we watched Shrek the Third. Again, I expected to be laughing out loud. I laughed a few times, but nothing like I expected. I still want to see I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry and License to Wed, but the video store was out of them both.