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Today has been a day of running errands non-stop since 8:30 a.m. This is the first time I am taking a few moments to breathe before continuing on with my "To Do" list. Gabe and I need to make a trip to Menard's later on tonight. There are a few items that we need to pick up (we always seem to need something from a home improvement store). I have about 5 more things that I would like to do before he gets home tonight. I am not so sure that they will all get done by around 5:00. Well, I guess I should get started. Oh, before I go, lately I have read Devil in the White City, Step on a Crack, and finished up the Shopaholic series. I am finishing up Next. Out of all of them I would only recommend Step on a Crack and the Shopaholic series. I think that James Patterson is going to have another good series on his hands with Step on a Crack.