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Saturday we ended up going to the movies. We saw Good Luck Chuck. It was okay...I would say more of a renter. We worked on the house before and after the movie. Yesterday we worked on the house and then we went to Meson Sabika to celebrate...I finally paid myself. Home Depot had a sale on paint yesterday, so we bought 6 gallons (I am going to fill the rebate form out after this blog entry). I painted the master bathroom and the paint is much brighter than we had anticipated. It was supposed to be for our bedroom too, so we went to Home Depot tonight and purchased a can of white to mix in with it. Hopefully it will lighten the color up. It is a good color for a bathroom, just a little too bright for our bedroom. I got up this morning and worked on touching up the paint in the bathroom. I need to do a little more touch up work on the trim tonight. This week is going to be really busy.