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Getting Closer

Today has been a pretty busy day. I painted the ceiling. Guess what color...ceiling white. Then Gabe came home for lunch. Afterwards, I went to the grocery store to buy something for dinner. We ran out of food on the menu. We had plans to go to Eldorado on Wednesday night and come back on Thursday so Gabe could work on Friday. Well, after discussing it with my parents we decided not to go. We would have arrived after 2:00 a.m. Thursday morning and we would have had to leave around noon on Thursday. We would not have even been there for 12 hours. So, there were two extra dinners that I didn't plan for. Maybe we will be able to go when Gabe can get a Thursday and a Friday off. Afterwards I painted the walls of the laundry room. I have already finished the touch up and I just finished washing the floors. We are ready to lay tile! Gabe seems to think that my estimate of having a laundry room tonight is a little overzealous and it will be sometime Sunday evening. I guess it all depends on how badly he would like a clean towel. There are only two left. Hmm...Gabe just informed me that the floor needs tile primer. Maybe his Sunday estimate is a little more correct. We are so close to being finished! Stupid tile primer.