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Friday we went to the cultural festival. It was small but fun.
Saturday Gabe's parents and sister came up and we all went to Ravinia and listened to Credence Clearwater Revisited. Once they started playing, they sounded really good. We did a little more research in the program guide and figured out that some of the band members were the original members of Credence Clearwater Revival. I had a good time and I think that we will go back next year (it is pretty much the end of the season for the concerts).
Sunday I did a lot of yard work. I pulled weeds, planted tulips, and mulched. Gabe's mom worked on cleaning the windows (you can actually see out of our windows now) and Gabe and his dad continued working on the laundry room.
After I finished the yard work I had my car cleaned. There is a place nearby that will wash the outside of a car and towel dry it as well as clean the inside...it is all less than $10 (less than $15 after tip). My car is now clean and it wasn't too expensive. Afterwards, we all went to Ikea and had dinner and then his family headed back home. We came back and watched an episode of Ugly Betty. I am going to record the second season just in case we aren't finished with the first by the time it starts up again on September 27.
Yesterday, we went to the grocery store. I am really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.