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Errand Running

On Saturday Gabe's dad came up and they worked on the future laundry room. It is starting to look like a room. It will be really nice once it is finished. Sunday we didn't do anything too exciting...just ran some errands and relaxed. Yesterday we ran some errands. Wow, that sounds pretty boring, just a life of errand running. I am looking forward to Thursday...I get to sleep in. In the afternoon I have to renew my CPR card, because mine expires this month. It is in a suburb about 30 minutes away, but Gabe will be at a business meeting through most of the evening anyway. I thought about going to The Richardson Farm's cornfield maze on Thursday, but Gabe will be getting home too late. Maybe this Saturday. As for the rest of the weekend, two of my friends from ICO (Andrew and Nicole) are coming in. We are meeting on Sunday. That should be fun.


Woo Hoo!! That's me!! And we're going to Cheeseburger in Paradise!! All I hope for is that they have a non-alcoholic Pina Colada!