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Frozen Meat...A Wonderful Thing

Today was pretty busy. Gabe's parents brought us a refrigerator. It works! Yeah! Frozen food will stay cold and frozen. I will say that it did give us a little bit of a scare initially. It worked when it was first plugged in but then Gabe made a comment about how quiet it was. I opened the door and no cold air was coming out. It was so quiet because the compressor quit running. So, we left and went for lunch at Ikea. Apparently it needed to reset or something because when we came back it was working. I am really glad that it started working. Otherwise, we would have felt terrible that they brought it all this way and spent a good while installing it. Thankfully it works and it looks great. We might even make an "official" trip to the grocery store tomorrow since we have a refrigerator/freezer that works now. My dream of organizing the den tonight isn't going to happen, but that is okay I will just work on it tomorrow. I may try to get a little bit done on the den tonight. We will see how it goes.