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Let's Go to the Zoo

Today I went to the library to return some books and to my surprise, the elusive Brookfield Zoo Pass was back in the library. There are actually four of them, but they are normally checked out. They are usually snatched up right after they are returned, so it is basically luck that allows you to find one. Well, luck was on our side today. So, we headed to the grocery store to buy necessities for the week and after walking the dogs we headed to the zoo. We spent around four hours walking around and enjoying the exhibits. I really enjoyed watching the gorillas. One was gathering hay to make a spot to sit. He actually beat his chest and then started playing with ripped up brown paper. They were all fascinated by the paper. The gorillas would toss it around, wind it around their wrists, and rub it all over their bodies like a wash rag. We pretty much closed the zoo down and then we came home and fixed dinner. I feel much better after a shower. Gabe said that he thought we actually smelled like the zoo. I hope that I didn't smell like the rain forest exhibit. It was not refreshing, but rather stagnant smelling. I think that we might watch a little T.V. before heading off to bed.

Here is a random fun zoo fact. Bison are often mistaken for buffalo. Buffalo live in the Southern hemisphere, while bison are found in the Northern hemisphere. So, give me a home, where the buffalo roam should actually be where the bison roam. Also, Bison have a hump on their back, buffalo do not.

One more before I go. A giraffe drops about 5 feet to the ground when it is born and this starts its heart beating and its respiratory system working. Okay, I can't resist...a full grown giraffe's heart weighs 25 pounds.


Your giraffe falling information makes lots of sense. It's the same way that a human baby's chest is squeezed thru the birth canal to squeeze out any fluid in the lungs from in utero so that oxygen and air can take it's place!