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House Stuff

Well, I am a little over halfway through Harry Potter. I did not get a chance to read more than about 30 minutes on Sunday, maybe an hour yesterday, and 30 minutes or so today. I plan *hopefully* to be able to read some tonight.
Yesterday, Gabe and I hung out at our potential house while the home inspector did his thing. There were a few things that need to be fixed, but we are hoping to have the lawyers hash all of that out. We finished watching Derailed. I must say that I didn't care for it. Though I seem to watch all of Jennifer Aniston's movies, I am starting to think that I might not be such a Jennifer Aniston fan.
Today I have been busy doing errands and trying to get things done. We met Gabe's parents for lunch and did a quick drive by our potential future home. Then back to errands for me. There is a lot of crap to do when you are thinking of buying a home. We have about about a bazillion (yes, that is a technical term) meetings every week with various people.
I am watching HGTV while typing this blog entry. I think it would be fun to be on a show where the fix up a room/the house. I like Clive and Lisa. Maybe they will come and redo the house and we can decide not to sell it ;)


I didn't like Derailed either. Very weird ending. Just not the style I would expect from JAniston. I think I saw them filming that movie at the Fullerton El stop way back when I had first moved to Chicago and was still working nights at the hospital.