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Wednesday Gabe went to Peoria. I went with him. The plan was to open a bank account, get a pair of shoes, then I was to be dropped off at his parent's and hang out with his mom while he went to work. Well, he did more work than he expected before we left and we ended up leaving quite a bit later than expected. He also worked the entire way to Peoria (on the phone). Opening the account at the bank took longer than we expected. The person that we needed to see was busy so we had to wait for a good while. You might be wondering why we opened a bank account in Peoria. His employer provides a bank, well actually it is a credit union, but bank is easier to type. They apparently have very good interest rates. We opened the account and went to buy shoes. He needs a pair of steel toed boots and his employer will pay for a pair, but it has to be from a specific shoe store in Peoria. So, that is why we went to Peoria for a pair of shoes. Sounds crazy, I know. Basically, everything took longer than expected and we ended up going straight to his parent's house. Once his dad came home we went to eat at the Cutter. It was pretty good. We celebrated Father's Day a little late.
Thursday we had dinner at the Melting Pot. It was great, as always, but it is too much food. We ended up bringing home half of our meal and we didn't even get dessert. Dessert is on of my favorite things at the Melting Pot. One day we are going to go for just dessert. I always say that, but it doesn't happen.
Sunday we went downtown to the Taste of Chicago. We didn't actually eat (we had already eaten at home), but we did walk around. We went to Buckingham Fountain and Millennium Park. I decided to make a list of all of the fun things that we would like to do in Chicago/the Chicagoland area and plan all of the activities. So, I did that last night/this morning. We are going to take a salsa lesson, swing lesson, listen to concerts, and many more things. The best part is that they are all free.
I am going to meet Gabe for lunch today. I am getting ready to leave to go to the store to buy some groceries to be able to make our lunch. The water in our apartment has been turned off today until 5:00 p.m. to fix a water main. We were warned before hand, so we have pitchers full of water and sinks full. It is actually kind of funny. Later tonight I plan on replying to emails. So, if you have sent me an email in the last two weeks and you waiting on your reply, hopefully you will get it today.


Wow.. Sounds like a great day in Peoria... bank accounts and steel toed shoes. Whew, you guys have WAY too much fun!! :)

Well... how did the interview go?? :)