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Barnes & Noble

I just returned from getting Harry Potter wristbands for the Harry Potter Party tonight at a nearby Barnes and Noble. I obtained wristbands for myself and Beth (a friend from college, not ICO, that lives up here). Brandi is coming back up, but I reserved her book on my wristband. So, we will all head out to the party tonight and have our books in hand very close to midnight. I was pretty much in line (yes, there was a line) to get my wristband when Barnes and Noble opened this morning. So, I have the wrist band that allows us to be in the very first group that gets their books. I should probably go back to bed :)


so, how far into the book are you? It's Saturday at 4 PM and I'm into the 4th chapter. What do you have? :)

I am into the 14th chapter. I can't decide if I want to read it fast or slow. If I read it fast I find out what happens, but then it will be over. If I read it slow I can drag out the inevitable, but at least it will take longer.

Alrighty, are you finished? Let's discuss!

I am taking it slow. I am only half way through. Hope to see and talk to you soon. P.S. When are you moving?

Unfortunately, I am not finished with the book. I did not read any of it after giving my book to Brandi on Sunday. Gabe read on Sunday instead. I read for about an hour yesterday evening and I am somewhere in the 350's. Today isn't looking that good for reading either, but we will see how it goes. I really want to finish the book, even though I don't want it to be over.

P.S. We now have three copies of the book. We have the original and then both Gabe and I bought a copy so we could read at the same time. I need to go to the bookstore and do some returns.

that's funny. We have three copies too. I went and bought one, and Andrew and gone out and bought one for himself and one for me. So now we have three and he refuses to return them because he says that you can't return books. (but you can, he's just being a poop)