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On To Another Island (May 30, 2007)

We slept in today (we got up around 7:00 a.m. Hawaii time) and had breakfast. We walked around the beach a little (we are right on Waikiki Beach). We packed our bags (somehow we are up to four now) and headed to Subway for a quick lunch before checking out. We brought the food back to our room and enjoyed the view from our lanai. After dropping off the rental car, we checked in at the airport. We were at a fairly small terminal and checking in was a breeze. We watched more of The Good Shepherd. The movie is nearly three hours long. We might make it through it before arriving back on the mainland. The airport in Kona was even easier to navigate than Honolulu. There are no "real" gates. You walk from outdoors directly to your plane to board/deboard. It is completely open air and there are 2 baggage claim carousels. It is tiny and a breeze to travel through. Our first impression of Big Island was not the same as Oahu. We landed with lava all around us. Kona has a lot of lava. Our resort is nice and has a lot of grass, trees, and flowers. Sitting out on our lanai we have a view of the ocean. We went to Huggo's to eat dinner. It was a Rachael Ray pick. We had the macadamia nut ice cream dessert. It was huge and delicious.