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Tired and Sleepy

By the time I get around to doing things it is time to go to bed. It is almost 11:00 and I should have been in bed an hour ago. I consider my "bedtime" to be 10:00 p.m., but that rarely happens. I always seem to have a ton of things to do. I am actually brushing my teeth while writing this. With graduation approaching things on my "to do" list seem to be multiplying. For those of you keeping tabs, my once missing in action optometry license application was received by the proper people...well, at lest according to the United States Postal Service's delivery confirmation. Boy do I ever hope that they are right. I was really looking forward to having some time tomorrow to get a few things done, but after clinic I have to go to my school to get an eye exam. My appointment is at 4:45. I plan on arriving early to take care of a few things at school. I hope to be out of my appointment by 7:00. At ICO the 3 hour eye exam does exist. I must take advantage of the perk of a free eye exam while I still have the option. After Friday of this week, I no longer have the luxury. I also need to order new eyeglasses. My discount expires on the 19th. I think that I am going to get sunglasses and "regular" glasses. I figure I will get my money's worth out the sunglasses in Hawaii. I have also decided that I am no longer going to watch "bad movies". I think that part of the reason I tolerate it so well is because I am always doing something else while I am watching the show. Tony commented that I have to be doing multiple things at once and he didn't think that he had ever seen me just "watch a movie". I think that he may be right. I like multi-tasking. Well, it is off to bed for me. Have a good night.