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Graduation Week

This is graduation week, and it has been very busy. Tuesday Gabe picked Tony and Maren up from the airport. They stayed with us on Tuesday night. I stayed up until 1:00 a.m. reading the 6th Target. It is James Patterson's latest installment in the women's murder club series. The Alex Cross series is still my favorite, but I read the women's murder club series in between the Cross novels. Wednesday I spent the entire day (until 6:30 p.m.) at the school. We had graduation practice, had dinner, and went around to different booths getting SWAG from the various companies. Thursday I got a few things done and then we went to our graduation dinner. It was at Adler Planetarium. I have quite a few pictures. In fact, I am emailing pictures out to everyone while I am typing this entry. It takes a few minutes for them to upload, so I am typing in the downtime. Tony and Maren stayed with us after the dinner. Today I dropped them off at the train station and they went downtown. I stayed and cleaned and finished up a few things. Then I dropped them off at the hotel that they are staying at while their families are in town. Gabe is home and I think that we are going to return some movies to Blockbuster and some books to the library.