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Off Tomorrow

I got off early from work today. There were only a handful of patients scheduled after lunch, so we (the interns) were allowed to leave. Because two of the three doctors will not be in tomorrow and the doctor that will be in is only there part of the day, I have tomorrow off. I am really excited about getting to sleep in. The only downfall is that on days I plan to sleep in, I get up early. I watched American Idol last night and I was glad that Sanjaya was the idol that was voted off. I have been thinking about it though and I must say that even though sometimes his singing wasn't too hot, he was fun to watch. The dogs and I sat out on the patio this afternoon while I did a few things. The weather is at least nicer than it has been lately. Though last time it was nice, it was in the 70's and it snowed a few days after. Maybe we are done with snow until winter.