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Boards III CSE

Today I took the Clinical Skills Exam portion of Part III of Boards. I think that I did okay. I just hope that I passed...hopefully the NBEO wasn't pulling any April Fool's Day pranks. I take the Patient Assessment and Management (PAM) on Friday, April 13. Wow! I really am getting some great dates for testing. To catch everyone up with what has been going in our lives...I work, study, sleep, and repeat. Gabe works, surfs the net, sleeps, and repeats. Now I have to really hit the books for the PAM. Tony has been staying with us since Thursday and he is leaving to go back to Alaska (his current rotation) tomorrow morning. He will be back with us again for the PAM. I am really hoping to get to Alaska while he is there on rotation. He has been a little under the weather since arriving. He was really concerned about me catching what he has. I told him as long as I could stay well until 4:30 pm today I would be happy. Yesterday we went to Pancho's with Andrew, Nicole, Ryan A., Jake, Alan, Darby, Ryan B., and of course, Tony and Gabe. Everyone that went had their boards on Saturday with the exception of Ryan B. and myself. We both went today. My celebration came today after boards. Nicole, Andrew, Tony, Gabe, and I had a BBQ at our apartment and played Mario Party. It was a lot of fun. It is bedtime for me. Tomorrow is a long work day.