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Nice Weather

This past weekend I worked on Saturday. I hope that I will not have to work every Saturday. I am not the biggest fan of working 6 days a week (especially when I work until 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. on most days). Needless to say I am pretty tired and boards are currently being neglected. Gabe and I went to the outlet mall in Gurnee on Sunday. That was pretty much our entertainment for the weekend. He bought a new wallet and I got a shirt. We ate at Max & Erma's. I had never been before and we did something that we usually do not do...we ordered dessert. We each had the all you can eat sundae bar. I am pretty sure that they make it all you can eat because no one can eat more than just one sundae after lunch/dinner. Other than our Sunday/sundae activity I have worked and studied. Currently I am primarily studying for my rotation, but I am hopeful that it will come in handy for boards. I am with the retina specialist tomorrow, so I have been brushing up on my retina material. I think that I am going to look at some FANGS, read up on macular degeneration, hypertension, diabetes, and histoplasmosis. Then, I am going to bed. The weather was really nice today, so Gabe grilled hamburgers for dinner. I love grilled hamburgers. O.K., so that was a really random thought, but I am tired.