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Winter Weather II

This weekend Gabe and I watched quite a few movies. The weather here hasn't been too great. It has went from ice to snow to freezing rain more times than I managed to keep track. The Shaggy Dog was cute and better than I expected. Another movie that we watched was XX/XY. Neither Gabe nor I enjoyed it that much. I think that the moral of the movie was people want what they can't have. We also watched The Visitation. It was an odd movie about a demon that was attempting to possess an entire town. Currently we are watching Casanova. So far it is pretty good. If you need a movie to watch, out of the four we watched this weekend I would suggest either The Shaggy Dog or Casanova. Gabe and I also spent a while in the hot tub tonight and then went for a swim. It was snowing outside and the road condition wasn't the best, so swimming and the hot tub sounded like a good idea. I start my new site tomorrow. It isn't very far from where we live, but I expect it to take around 40 minutes or so. Tomorrow is the long day at the site (8:30 to 6:00). Hopefully we get out on time.


The Shaggy Dog site has a quiz that tells you what type of dog you would be. Both Gabe and I were Beagles.