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Movie and Travel

Gabe and I just returned from watching Night at the Museum with Emily and Rob. It is a pretty good movie. There were quite a few big named actors. After the show we went to Coldstone. I was wild and crazy and instead of getting my normal Founder's Favorite, I tried Candy Land. It was really good. The situation has inspired me to try a different flavor the next time that I go to Coldstone...maybe. There is some more exciting new from today's events. Gabe and I purchased tickets to Hawaii. We will be going shortly after I graduate. We are both pretty excited. The tickets are around $1500 (for both of us). We used frequent flyer miles and we are only paying $10 per ticket ($20 total)! Who can pass up a ticket to Hawaii for only $10. We aren't sure where we are staying yet, but we are going. I do have a few ideas on things that I would like to do. Anyone have any suggestions?


You should've decided to go to Florida with us instead!!

I know, but the tickets were only $10 each. You guys can come to Hawaii. :)