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Is it Shutterfly or Stutterfly?

This is my second and final time of using Shutterfly's online service to order pictures. The first time that I ordered prints it took over 2 weeks for me to get them even though Shutterflys sent me an email that said they shipped the prints two days after my order. I gave them another chance and decided to order pictures from Christmas. I ordered quite a few, because I planned on sending them out in thank you cards. Well, I ordered pictures on December 25. Guess what...it has been 12 days and I still don't have them. Now, according to Shutterfly they mailed my pictures on December 27 and I should have received them around December 30. Apparently they use a system where they ship prints first by UPS and then they are turned over to USPS for delivery. My pictures have been hanging out in Carol Stream, IL since December 28. They still have not been turned over to the USPS for delivery. I did however receive a notice that on January 3 UPS placed the postage on my package. I wonder how many more days before someone gives it to the USPS to deliver it to me. So, if any of you are waiting on a thank you card with pictures from Christmas...it may be a while.