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I Love Sleep

This blog entry is going to be short...I am very tired. Gabe and I went to IKEA on Monday. We purchased a couple of lamps, a table for my plants, and a rug for the front door. Unfortunately the rug isn't going to work, so we will probably return it this weekend. Season 3 of Scrubs arrived, so we have been watching a couple of episodes in the evenings. I could pretty much fall asleep when I get home (I am yawning as I type), but I make myself stay up to get things done. I put in more than the "normal" 40 hour work week and I am tired (12+ hour days can do that to you). I am really looking forward to the weekend and sleeping. I love sleep, but I also love seeing patients (and I couldn't ask for a better rotation). I really like helping people. It is a good feeling when you can help someone see. When I am a doctor and I have my own practice maybe I won't work 12 hour days (at least not past the first few years...hopefully) ;)