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Crock Pot

I finished with clinic early today. So, I am attempting to mark a few things off of my "to do list". Has anyone read any good books lately? I am starting to run very low on books to listen to while driving. I might run to the bookstore to find one. I also need to buy a new crock pot. Ours quit working on Monday. It was fine on Friday when Gabe took chili to work. We tried to make something on Monday at it barely got warm, even on the high setting. Wow, my blog has been reduced to discussing crock pots. I guess I could start talking about atrophic retinal holes, keratitis, and posterior embryotoxin. I have been seeing that lately. Actually, a surprising amount of posterior embryotoxin and keratitis. Anyway, I am going to do some laundry.


You better not be looking at other people's posterior!

Andrew has gotten me into Dean Koontz books. I am also currently reading the newest Mitch Albom book which is good so far. His books are always good though.