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Crisis Averted

After I had finished the eye exams on the new recruits today I was talking to the attending doctor. During the conversation I glanced down at my left hand and noticed that my wedding band was looking pretty lonely on my ring finger without my engagement ring. Well, after searching with a heart that felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest we found my ring. I don't even think that my heart rate gets that fast when I run. Needless to say I need to get my ring resized and that might just have been the push that I needed. This weekend Gabe and I didn't really do anything too exciting. We watched Little Miss Sunshine on Friday night. The movie had its funny parts, but overall I wasn't too impressed. Maybe I built it up too much. Saturday we went grocery shopping. Sunday we went to IKEA for our 99 cent breakfast. The guy that used to work on Sundays wasn't there. I really liked him. He always gave us six strips of bacon and a lot of potatoes and eggs. I always give my eggs to Gabe, but I really like the potatoes. Maybe he just gave us a lot of food because we were regulars. Anyway, Gabe decided to call the new lady the "Bacon Nazi". My heart is probably thankful that the new lady holds back on the bacon.