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Snow Day!

Today is a "snow day" of sorts. I left this morning to go to my externship site. There was some pretty heavy snow action. The attending doctor called me on the way to let me know that we would be working despite the weather. So, I continued my 45+ mile journey to my externship site where they were having a blizzard. I was one of very few people getting gas in the blizzard. Around 8 miles from my destination I received another phone call from my attending doctor letting me know that he had just arrived, but he had not figured out how he was going to get out of his car and make it to the building. He told me to go home. So, I turned around (not so easy on the tollway) and came back home. At least the drive got me up this morning and now I have the rest of the day to study. I am going to hit the books and if I make sufficient progress I might go for a swim. What else is there to do in 28 degree weather?


It is now 21 degrees and I Gabe and I went go for a swim, but there were just too many people, so we came back.