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Today we worked on getting a few things accomplished. We went to Barnes and Noble and looked at some of the travel guides for our trip to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands in February. We decided to just look things up on the internet for the time being. Gabe ordered the second season of Scrubs. We watched a couple of episodes tonight. We are just a few seasons behind. I think that they are on the fifth season now. We still haven't watched "It"...maybe tonight or tomorrow. I think that Gabe has to work some tomorrow. I might read. Currently I am reading "The Rule of Four". I hope to finish it and a couple of other books over this break. Before I know it, I am going to have to start studying for Boards: Part III. I should really look into registering. Here is an interesting blurb about a grandmother that placed her grandchild on the x-ray machine belt for carry on luggage at LAX.


Yes, you are correct. Scrubs is currently in their fifth season. Which will most likely be their last because Zach Braff's contract will expire and he said he won't be renewing. Sad. :( I LOVE Scrubs!